Be Messy!

Life is messy, then it’s tidy, then it’s messy again. Mine is more messy than tidy and that is why I sit in a slightly soiled chair and think about life. The ups and downs, the heartbreaks, joys, struggles and all the feelings that make life both messy and tidy.

Once upon a time I had a very clean house! Yes, I really did. But I detest housework, so I stopped doing so much of the thing I didn’t like and did more of the things I enjoyed and like magic a happier though slightly disheveled Donna emerged. There is the key -spend less time doing things you detest and more time doing whatever it is that makes your soul burst with joy.  Now that could be messy!

Remember when you were a kid?  Yes I know for some it is a stretch, but try, or make up an idyllic childhood in your head if you have to.  Trust me this will be fun!  I remember rolling around in the grass and not once did I care about the condition of my clothing or hair.  I used to make mud pies and again, nope, I didn’t care.  I was so busy being in the moment, feeling the cool grass tickle the backs of my legs or the slick mud squish between my fingers, that I didn’t care about anything else.  Lesson learned- being fully present brings great joy !  What did you love to do when you were young?  Relive it, feel it and take note what happens in your body. You are more relaxed, you feel younger and you are probably smiling.  No I cannot see you even though I am slightly psychic which in my case means slightly weird and lovable.  I am you and you are me.  Our experiences were different sure but we are human and share the same emotions, fears,  insecurities and bullshit.

Skip the housework , put your smart phones away, grab someone you love and go do something messy!  Roll on the grass or jump in mud puddles. Be in the moment and enjoy. You can always tidy up later.

Love ya, Donna


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