Buying Into Bullshit

I cannot believe that I am writing this! Remember that this is after all only my opinion and in no way am I trying to tell you not to believe what you believe, or am I asking you to agree with me.Having said that, let’s do this. I am so tired of bullshit! I had a chat with two friends of mine yesterday. You know, the real friends that allow you to just say whatever you want and need to get of your chest, without getting upset about it or taking it personally. Anyway, we discussed many different things and they asked me one question (a lot of people have asked me this in the last six months) “Are you going to open your business again?” In my head and heart I heard HELL NO! Up until that moment, whenever I was asked this, I would say I am not sure. Something didn’t feel quite right until yesterday when the hell no came screaming out of me. My business was a retail store that sold yoga, meditation and metaphysical products to the not so general public. I just fell into the business with a forceful nudge from the universe. I cannot open that business again because that would mean I am not living an authentic life and at this point I have trouble being anything but authentic. You do not need the shit I was selling! What most of you wanted was someone to talk to and I provided that for free, no purchase required. What I got out of the business was you, I needed you to interact with me and at that point in my life the only method I had to meet you, was to sell you stuff.

Please note that this is not an attack on a specific industry but the retail industry as a whole and certain segments are singled out only as an example for making a point. You want to practice yoga get on the floor or the grass and do it! You do not need a mat, special clothing or any of the other stuff that you are being sold. It has been done for centuries without any of that. People want to sell you stuff and in order to do it they need you to believe that you cannot possibly do it “right” without their stuff. Meditation, same thing, just sit in a comfortable position and get it started. Mind you, I do love my meditation bench and it allows me to sit for long periods. (In my case 1/2 an hour is long) and be comfortable. You want healing and look for things that are going to make it faster and easier. These things you buy are tools people!   They are just tools to get you out of the small minded world you have trapped yourself inside of so you don’t feel the pain. They can help sure but no one thing or one person can heal you. You heal you! You get honest with yourself and do the work because if you don’t no one person and no thing can save your ass. If every time you need to make a decision you consult someone or something you are not acknowledging your own feelings. You want someone else to tell you what to do and then if it doesn’t work it is their fault. Take responsibility for you and find, search, and seek out the help you need but don’t expect to not have to do the work.

Sorry, I went on a bit of a rant there. I feel very strongly about it and cannot sell you things at this time. What I want to sell you on is your own ability to help yourself. Sure we need help sometimes and that is true for all of us, accept help, seek the help, be the help for others. I am not saying don’t buy the tarot cards or consult a psychic, or use crystals or have a reiki treatment or seek professional medical help in any capacity. These are all wonderful tools on the path to healing. I use Reiki, tarot cards, crystals, essential oils, and medical professionals on my own healing journey. I do not depend on them to make decisions or to solve my problems. What I am saying is do not expect them to fix you. I am asking what you would do if none of that existed or all just went away. What the fuck would you do? Well some people would have you believe that if you would only have nothing but positive thoughts it will be all rainbows and puppy dog kisses. I say bullshit! You want to get rid of your pain then you need to get down and dirty with it. Roll around on the floor naked and make sweet love to that pain!   Feel it, don’t try to push it away or cover it up with flowery words because sometimes your fucking life will depend on your ability to dance with the pain. I have survived some seriously nasty shit over the course of my life, am thriving even and for the most part am a warm and happy person. Most of my friends, notice I said most, would agree with that statement. Some would call me something much less flattering, they also have no idea what I have been through in my life because I don’t share all the details with everyone. I have danced with the pain in the many shapes and forms it came in. I have been there. I hope you do not have to stay with the pain as long as I did.

I don’t care how many positive and self affirming thoughts you have going on in that pretty little head of yours, it is masking the symptoms of a much larger problem. It cannot take away the pain until you face the pain and there is always help available. Please get help if you need it and please don’t feel as though you are all alone. That is the big secret, everyone feels alone with their pain and afraid they will be judged, ignored, rejected etc. etc. if they reach out to someone. If the first person you reach out to is a complete idiot reach out to someone else and then someone else until you find the right person. You are fucking worth it and your life matters no matter what you have been through. You are not alone. Think about it, with over seven billion people on the planet I am sure there is someone who will understand what is eating you up inside.

Positive thinking has its place for sure! What works for me is sending the positive thoughts out to others, by helping them I help myself. I am not focused on my narrow little world, I am getting out of my own dark and sometimes self defeating mind and giving to others. What you put out into the world comes back to you, they say. I’m still not sure who the hell “they” are but I could kick their ass right now. Manifest the life you want “they say”. So, what you put out comes back. Putting out I want this, I need that, this is what I want my life to look like, blah blah blah is grasping. You grasp anything in your fist long enough and you will choke it. Grasping, greed, me, me, me. Just think you get back what you send out!!! Send out love and compassion for others and you get love and compassion back from others. Send out all the bullshit you have bought into and you get back more bullshit. Is it starting to make sense?

Please stop buying the shit they are selling that tells you that you are not enough, this pill will fix all your problems, that car will earn you respect, this newer and bigger house will improve your messed up family life. The healing starts internally with you and a decision to do the work you need to do to start the healing process. Seek the help that you need in whatever form that takes for you. But, I beg you not to hand them the power you were born with to know and heal yourself by purchasing the shit they are selling. You do not need to purchase anything to be a happy healthy person in all of your brilliant glory, what you need is other people, that human connection. You need love and you cannot buy that.

Be the love, be the change
Love you all

3 thoughts on “Buying Into Bullshit

  1. Donna! I have a good few poems on this topic! Here is just one that I will share:

    By Carlie Kilduff –


    I’ve had enough
    Of believing that I am not enough
    For so long I was caught in the bluff
    That all I was was not enough

    Not smart enough
    Pretty enough, thin enough, rich enough, skilled enough, good enough
    These lies are rough
    Seeing my value as external
    Was my own personal hell
    There’s never enough stuff
    To fill the space
    Or win the race

    Facing the wrong direction
    Connection with the wrong stuff
    Finding nothing but fluff
    Tough to see through
    But now I do
    I am enough
    And you are too

    Keeping up the guard
    It is so hard
    Running full speed
    Always trying to exceed, succeed
    Pay heed: you are enough

    When will you have enough
    Throw in the towel
    Stop being so foul, mean, and gruff
    And believe that you are enough?

    Is there any object or prize that you could acquire
    No matter how much you desire
    That defines your worth?
    Were you not perfect from birth?

    What has transpired since then?
    When did you disconnect from perfect?
    Inspect and you just might find
    That you fell behind
    When you fixed your mind
    On the outside

    You left to hide
    On the inside
    Your best gems and gold
    When they told you
    You’d never do
    Not enough to be you
    This is not true

    Can you see through
    The ways that we search for value
    And choose define ourselves?
    How we chase goodness and worth
    Through outer appearance
    And things we find on clearance?
    How we dance outside ourselves
    Scanning the shelves
    For that one thing that might make us just right?

    We set our sight
    On value through what we do
    Doing so much
    Never enough time
    Making ourselves sick
    So thick is the shell
    We will be unwell
    We call the bluff

    What we have and what we do
    Will never do
    You and I, who we are
    Our hearts and love
    Light and sight
    We are alright
    Let’s call the bluff
    You and I, we are enough

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  2. So now, in the daylight, I have thoughts. Perhaps, in the scheme of things, you are more than you think you are with your business. Perhaps you are the feather that tips the scales and helps people begin the process of taking care of themselves. Perhaps if you supply these accoutrements (I love how it sounds in French) those who need just a little something to help them be ‘in the groove’ of self-improvement, will move forward into their healing. You are doing a service for the greater good. We have no idea how we impact other peoples’ lives. We can only show up in our own and be present for them. Maybe?

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  3. Aw!!!! The bullshit soap box!!!! You are on a roll my friend!!! This is a kick ass post and perhaps you won’t win a lot of gold stars with telling the truth (too many people want to have someone else take responsibility for them and their failures). The thing is, with the world as it is, right this minute, we have to be present enough in our lives to accept the facts. There is loss and pain, and there is wonder and not. Deaden yourself to either one and you remain stuck, or at least I’ve discovered that happens for me and to me. I don’t want to be stuck any longer. So that means I’ve got to face it all. Thanks for posting.
    PS I can’t sit still for meditation either, so I do walking meditations and dish washing ones too. If all works, thank The Goddess!

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