Well it is a rainy morning with strong winds here in Sooke. I woke up at three this morning when the power was restored and the lights and music came back on. Had an interesting day yesterday, gathering information about some things that I need to take care of and about the internal world of Donna. So, I want things to move quickly and the universe keeps slowing me down. Problems keep arising to test my abilities at solving them. Roadblocks on the path I want to go running down, broken fingers, timing is off and sometimes just plain old annoying delays. I want to run and skip and the universe is asking me to slow down and smell the flowers. The universe is much wiser than I am.

I think we are trained from a young age to always be doing something. We have lost the fine art of just being with ourselves and others. You must be productive in this society to be considered of value. We once looked up to our elders for guidance and wisdom, now we push them aside and chase the fountain of youth trying to stop the natural progression that we are all going to go through. With age comes wisdom that is lost on most youth. I am enjoying my fifties with my naturally streaked grey hair, laugh lines on my face and the wisdom I have gained from my experiences. I think we need to redefine what productive and having value means. Does sitting somewhere with people, everyone’s eyes glued to their personal communication device demonstrate the disconnect we have from the world around us? I am over 50 what do I know?  I think it is rude! When I go out for lunch or dinner, I usually ( I’m not perfect) turn the damn thing off and concentrate on what is right in front of me and the people I am with. I am interested in what is going on around me. I learn a lot this way.

I check in with Facebook, read and send texts and check my email just like everyone else. I just do it when I am alone. I stopped at a local coffee shop to grab some lunch yesterday and rather than pull out my iPhone and fo the facebook thing, I ate my food and watched the people. I even made eye contact with a few people. One thing I did observe was a table full of men all over 50 with not a mobile phone in sight. They were having a great time, talking, laughing, ribbing each other and you could literally see the connection between them. My God they even hugged and touched! Few tables over a father with a baby cuddled against his chest, phone out food ignored, his wife eating lunch and looking at her phone. Did they really taste their food? They didn’t even talk to each other the entire time I was there! One more table with a lone female (she had awesome red boots on) looking at her phone. Someone came in and sat down with her and she put her phone away and with a big smile greeted the gentleman. Ten points for her! It is amazing what I notice when my phone is in my purse.

It may surprise you to know that I only purchased my cell phone three years ago because I spent a lot of time driving and wanted it for emergencies. I live in the boonies. I also still have all my family and friends phone numbers stored in my head and know when their birthdays are as well. I don’t rely on my phone all that much and am still getting used to what they term a hands free world. I liked the hands on world! I like hugging, making eye contact and touching people. I like interacting with people, not my phone. Call me please, don’t text me, I want to hear your voice! I actually texted a friend who was sitting across the table from me having lunch and it read, Hello I am over here. She looked shocked and then we actually had a conversation.

I want and need that personal connection with others. I appreciate the fact that the Internet and Facebook allow me to keep in touch with people who live far away from me, but for the people who are right here I want to see and hear them. I don’t think it is too much to ask that people shut their phones off. Try it you just might like it. Or, you will be the only one with your phone turned off and you get to watch the rest of them and trust me most of them won’t even notice you doing it. If they do catch you watching them give them a big smile and really confuse them! So check in with me through a text but please phone so I can hear you and connect with you, it means a lot to me. Did you know you can hear someone smile on the phone? Try it next time you talk to someone, smile and see if they can hear it. Okay, that’s it for today, I am going to meditate and send some healing energy to a friend Mark’s dog Riley. Have a wonderful weekend and spread some love around.



Love you all



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