Welcome to my blog!  This is the place where I turn my thoughts on everything (and I mean everything) into little black lines on a white background with the hope that someone out there may smile or laugh out loud when they read it. Some people may even find what I write to be disturbing and I think that is wonderful!  We need to have discussions about the difficult, disturbing, and delightful things in life.  Life is messy, heartbreaking, miraculous, and all those other adjectives that describe the lowest and highest points of this journey.  So be warned, there will be topics that will make you uncomfortable, some may make you cry, and almost every post will contain some form of swearing. Laugh, have fun and join me in this slightly soiled chair that I contemplate life from.

Grammar police beware!  I write like I think and have thrown proper sentence structure out of the window.  My thoughts and feelings flow freely and when I write from my heart it is an outpouring of all that I am turned into simple words.  Just think of it as life poetry and don’t get your grammatical knickers in a knot!

Much love and peace to you all

Especially the grammar police!